Branding and packaging for Alexami Botanique Cosmetics


Alexami Botanique Cosmetics


Branding // Packaging // Website Design and Development // Product Photography // Print Collateral

I have had the privilege of working with Kimberley on a diverse range of business projects for over 8 years. She has a quiet, thoughtful, and caring approach. She listens intently without interruption to any brief or concerns enabling her to intuitively respond with professional, thoughtful, and concise solutions. Her unique creative design skills combined with technical ability, industry knowledge, and attention to detail shows in all aspects of her work.
Kimberley is the creative force behind my brand Alexami Cosmetics. She has brought life to our beautiful collections. Expanding across all aspects from branding, web design/building, and troubleshooting, through to intricate detail of packaging design. Kimberley has an eye for detail, creating an evolving brand that aligns with the natural, floral inspiration of the Alexami products. Not only does she make the products come to life within her creativity, she also takes all our beautiful photos.

Alison Kenny

Alexami Cosmetics

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